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Owen Li

STOR-i PhD Student

About Me

In October 2020, I joined the STOR-i CDT MRes programme in order to broaden my knowledge, learn and develop new skills, and to prepare myself for a PhD. This course focuses on a variety of topics within Statistics and Operations Research. Having come from a background in mathematics and statistics, I have some experience in a few topics but I always aim to keep an open mind and take every opportunity to learn as much as possible. My blog page will be updated regularly so keep checking back to learn more about the STOR-i programme and my thoughts on current research areas that I encounter.

For my undergraduate degree, I completed a MMath in Mathematics at the University of York, graduating in June 2020 with a First Class Honours (with Distinction). I started off learning a combination of pure maths and statistics modules, but towards the end of my degree I tailored my learning towards just statistics. I got the opportunity to complete a group project and a dissertation in data analysis which allowed me to apply my knowledge and problem solving skills to real life data. These opened my eyes to what research was like and so I wanted to develop my research skills and to do research.

I enjoy playing table tennis, having played for over 10 years now. I was a core member of the University of York Table Tennis Club, both a team member and a committee member throughout my time at York. I hope to continue playing whilst at Lancaster (covid allowing).

To pass the time, I like to play on my piano (or keyboard). Having achieved a Grade 8 in piano, I can play classical music but also enjoy playing “modern” songs too.

Reading is a hobby I got into during lockdown (the first one), which I now do for enjoyment and learning. I read both fiction and non-fiction books, and am always looking for book recommendations so feel free to message me to have a chat about books! Also, check out my reading list on Notion (icon below).

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