As a PhD student at the STOR-i (Statistics & Operational Research with Industry) Centre for Doctoral Training at Lancaster University, my research is based in the field of Operational Research, specifically Forecasting and Inventory Optimisation, and is conducted in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover.

I am currently focused on developing long-term forecasting models for intermittent demand to support final purchase decision-making.

Outreach and Scientific Communication

I am passionate about challenging preconceptions about what it means to be a mathematician and making mathematical concepts accessible to all. My article “Could Mathematics be Big at the Box Office?” won the Institute and its Applications Graham Hoare Prize and was published in Mathematics Today. In 2023, I joined the Institute and its Applications Early Career Mathematicians Committee as Vice-Chair.

The Royal Institution Masterclasses

I was selected to deliver a Royal Institution masterclass to 60 nominated GCSE students from schools in Lancashire and Cumbria. My masterclass focused on introducing methods that can be used to forecast Box Office takings, including Linear Regression and Bass Diffusion Modelling. Using real data about movies from 2022, attendees implemented the techniques they had learned to make their own predictions about current box office figures.

Florence Nightingale Speaker

The Florence Nightingale Days are part of Lancaster University Mathematics & Statistics Department’s efforts to promote mathematics and statistics to young women in years 10 and above, who will soon be making crucial choices in their career paths. The Florence Nightingale Day showcase successful women in mathematics at various stages of their careers, display information about the broad range of possibilities offered by a degree in mathematics or statistics and stimulate informal discussion between pupils and mathematicians.

In this talk, I spoke about my journey to a PhD, the importance of being stuck and my favourite techniques for looking through a mathematical crystal ball.

Aside from Research, Maths and Outreach

In my spare time, I love to dance and enjoy exploring independent, indie or foreign TV dramas and films. I like writing, having had short plays staged in both London and Cambridge, and was introduced by the British Film Institute (BFI) as one of twenty-five new voices in British Cinema. I feel most myself when I have a pen in my hand, working on either a mathematical problem or a story.