Akinsinde-Alese Sharon

Lancaster University Ghana | | Degree: computer science
The application of blockchain technology for the prevention of plagiarism in research papers


Plagiarism has long been viewed as a breach of integrity in academics and research. It leads to the dishonest claim and undeserved accreditation of ideas belonging to another person or group of people. Scholars who painstakingly come up with and document groundbreaking and progressive works should not have to worry about theft and false accreditation of their output. The need to make sure all works of research are not plagiarized is at the forefront for the academia. Security measures in order to test for and detect potential cases of plagiarism as well as protect research works are essential. That is where we introduce Blockchain Technology. Blockchain technology can be used as a promising solution to the aforementioned problems by implementing security, data integrity and transparency. Blockchain is a digital ledger that stores data using a chain of blocks in an encrypted form using hash algorithms. This paper aims to put forward a potential solution to aforementioned problem with the use of decentralized architecture and public-key cryptosystem to ensure data integrity and security of all research papers put into the system. The initiative records all information contained in the paper as to make it secure down to the last word. It also protects data by only allowing those with a personal key access to the content of the work.

Keywords: Plagiarism, Blockchain Technology, Decentralized Architecture



Akinsinde-Alese Sharon