David Bereibibo Bristol-Alagbariya

Lancaster University Ghana | | Degree: Law
The Legal Framework Protecting Freshwater Resources in the Republic of Ghana


Water is an essential resource in our ecosystem. However, the quantity of fresh water accessible to meet our needs is limited. This research aims to identify and evaluate the legal framework protecting freshwater resources in the Republic of Ghana. The aims also include examining whether the legal framework is adequate and properly implemented. The data for this research comes from secondary sources of information from experts in the environmental field, such as; G.A. Sarpong and Philip Gyau-Bookye. Further, there will be an examination of relevant statutes of law. It comprises Acts by Parliament such as; The Irrigation Development Authority Act 1977 (S.M.C.D. 85) and The Water Resources Commission Act 1996 (ACT 522). It also comprises Legislative Instruments such as; The Water Use Regulations 2001 (L.I. 1692) and The Drilling License and Groundwater Development Regulations 2006 (L.I. 1827). The Republic of Ghana provides a very diverse range of laws protecting freshwater resources. However, However, I will argue that there are aspects of the framework that require review and correction. This study will help address the current shortage of research in this area of environmental law. These findings indicate the need for a review of the legal framework and proper implementation to ensure the sustainability of Ghana’s scarce freshwater resources.



David Bereibibo Bristol-Alagbariya