Mayila Mve William Jephthe

Lancaster University Ghana | | Degree: Computer Science
Total Commit and transaction off-chains (TCTOC): A proposed Blockchain Scalability Solution


As an evolving technology, blockchain has found its way in multiple fields such as finance and trade and is set for integration in many fields today. It is limited though, by how poorly it performs when network size scales.

 Poor blockchain performance when experiencing network growth is manifested as a trilemma; transaction throughput, network storage demands and network data propagation. In this report, existing literature with proposed solutions for the scalability trilemma are identified and analysed with the purpose of bringing forth a new possible solution. 

Total Commit and Transaction Off-chains (TCTOC) is brought forth as a synthesis of 2 solutions in the literature: node committees for improved computation and off-chain transaction channels for improved transaction management. Of course, the feasibility of TCTOC is observed with regards to the literature of the proposed solutions that constitute the synthesis.



Mayila Mve William Jephthe