Sometochukwu Daniella Alfred Akpu

Lancaster University Ghana | | Degree: Computer Science
Methodical Approch to Develop Blockchain-Based Applications


Blockchain technology could be considered one of the leading trends in technology today due to its decentralized nature which eliminates single points of control and failure while ensuring data and transaction security, integrity, and transparency. 

Since its first application in cryptocurrency Bitcoin, blockchain technology has pushed beyond the bounds of crypto and has served as useful in various world sectors and has been used to build various commercial software and systems.

Blockchain technology could also be considered as a lead in the next generation of the internet, Web 3.0. With the many benefits and promising features that blockchain technology offers, also considering its lead in the evolution of the web 3.0, there is no doubt about the need for a systemized approach to developing blockchain applications.

In this paper, the various design approach and patterns to develop different categories of blockchain-based applications such as Finance systems, healthcare systems, and energy trade platforms are discussed.

First, a general overview of design patterns and how blockchain technology can be integrated with various software architectures are discussed. This overview categorizes the design approach into four groups including interaction with external world patterns, data management patterns, security patterns, and contract structural patterns (Xu, Pautasso, Zhu, Lu, & Weber, 2018). 

Then, a focused approach is used to study the design pattern for blockchain-based finance systems, followed by a study on how blockchain can be used to manage access to data and transactions in healthcare systems (Chakraborty, Aich, & Kim, 2019). Finally, the paper looks at the design approach for blockchain-based power trade systems.



Sometochukwu Daniella Alfred Akpu