William Nii Sowah Adjei

Lancaster University Ghana | | Degree: Computer Science
Revolutionizing Online Furniture Shopping: An Augmented Reality Solution


The use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology is changing the way people shop online. AR increases the purchasing experience by superimposing digital content on the real world, making it more engaging and immersive. Customers can perceive things in their own context via augmented reality, leading to more confident and informed purchases. This paper presents a furniture-based e-commerce mobile application that reduces unreliability by providing customers with the ability to view each product with the use of Augmented Reality. Customers can browse through a catalogue of products from an online store, select items of their choosing and indirectly view them through their device’s camera by overlaying a 3d computer-generated image of the product on a desired physical space, they would also be able to purchase the product. The suggestions made in this paper are to allow customers to create and customize collections of rooms where they want certain furniture to go and then view the products they selected from those collections. 



William Nii Sowah Adjei