International Conference on


Lancaster University, 4 - 9 January 2003

Lancaster University




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Materials and interfaces
Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors (DMS)
Mesoscopic superconductors
Mesoscopic superconductors and hybrid structures I
Mesoscopic superconductors and hybrid structures II
Magneto-transport and spin
Nano-electronic materials: Optics
Molecular electronics
Correlations and Kondo effect in dots
Correlations and quantum transport
Transport in quantum dots
Quantum transport and noise
Atomic-size contacts and molecular electronics
Decoherence and noise in metals and superconductors
Quantum transport and correlations
Quantum dots and Qubits
Spin-dependent transport and control
Quantum manipulation & Qubits
Proximity, hybrid structures, mesoscopic superconductivity
Quantum of transport, statistics and noise


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