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Residence Abroad Matters

FDTL Conference, Nottingham
Members of the three Residence Abroad projects, known as the RAM group, at the FDTL Conference, Nottingham, February 1999.

HEFCE's Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning, is sponsoring ten projects related to a wide range of topics of importance to the development of Modern Languages. Three of these are concerned with residence abroad. Each brings together the expertise of a consortium of universities: the Interculture Project is based at Lancaster University, the Learning and Residence Abroad project (LARA) at Oxford Brookes University and the Residence Abroad Project at Portsmouth University. Details of each of these are set out inside this leaflet.

RAM leaflet

The common factor in these three projects is their conviction that residence abroad matters to all those who have a stake in it - students, staff, employers, parents. They have therefore combined forces under the banner Residence Abroad Matters to offer a joint approach where appropriate. In 1998, four major regional workshops were held to bring together all those with an interest in making residence abroad more effective and to hear their views on the central issues and potential ways of dealing with them. Summaries of these discussions and more information about the RAM projects can be found on the new RAM website at

The outcomes of the 1998 regional workshops were published in the RAM report which can be downloaded as an RTF file (about 300K).

The LARA and Residence Abroad projects have collaborated on the creation of the National Residence Abroad Database, providing data on current practice in Modern Languages departments in all UK HEIs, the reports of assessors in the 1995-96 teaching quality assessments and publications regarding residence abroad. See

In 1999 - 2000, the RAM projects will be organising further workshops and seminars to disseminate the results of their programmes.    See RAM Workshops 2000 or visit the new RAM website on

If you would like to provide an input to the work of RAM, contact any of the three projects involved. 


Contact details:

Residence Abroad Project
School of Languages and Area Studies
University of Portsmouth
Park Building
King Henry I Street
Portsmouth PO1 2DZ

Tel: 01705 846051
Fax: 01705 846040

The LARA Project
Oxford Brookes University
School of Languages
Gipsy Lane Campus
Oxford OX3 0BP

Tel: 01865 483710
Fax: 01865 483690

The Interculture Project
Dept of European Languages & Cultures
Lonsdale College
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YN

Tel: 01524 592670
Fax: 01524 843934