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Residence Abroad Matters workshops

March/May 2000

Residence Abroad will remain at the top of every language department's agenda for the foreseeable future. To take the message and the work of the RAM projects forward after the projects themselves finish, we are jointly offering a new workshop series in Spring 2000.

RAM Workshop

Aim: to publicise the outcomes of the RAM projects and to demonstrate and distribute at hands-on sessions the innovative materials which have been developed. 

Who should attend: 

At least one representative from every HEI in the UK.

Cost: The workshops are free. We will provide morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.

"Structural, Quality and Resource Issues of Student Residence Abroad"

The series begins in London with a unique workshop addressed to senior staff with institutional responsibility for residence abroad, in a managerial or quality assurance context. The consistent focus
will be on quality issues, financial and resource issues, structural issues and institutional interests. Heads of Quality Assurance, Deans of Faculty, Heads of Modern Languages will be given an opportunity to discuss with us our recommendations on good practice. 

Issues to be addressed include outcomes, curriculum integration, preparation, support and monitoring, assessment and accreditation. There will also be an input from the Department for Education and Employment on the importance and funding of
residence abroad. 

By the end of the day, delegates will be in a position to ensure that their institution has given appropriate consideration to all the issues raised by student residence abroad, and to all the options available in addressing those issues.

Date: 31 March 2000

Venue: Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals, Woburn House, 20 Tavistock Square, London.

"Student Residence Abroad - What Next?"

Three regional workshops will follow, designed to benefit teaching and administrative staff responsible for the preparation and support of students before and during the period of residence abroad.

The workshops will briefly introduce each project, and then focus on the outcomes and materials which have developed out of the project work, and on how these can be used to develop or extend preparation and support for students on residence abroad. The programme will include demonstration and some hands-on tuition in the use of the materials.

For more information about RAM see Residence Abroad Matters

or visit the new RAM website on