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AUTHOR TITLE                 Pages
Sarah Carpenter ‘My Lady Tongue’: Thomas Tomkis’s Lingua 3 – 14
John J. McGavin ‘That Thin Skin’: Skipper Lindsay and the Language of Record.    Summary 15 – 31
Ronald E. Surtz The Valencian Misteri del Rey Herodes: misogyny, politics, and caste conflict 32 – 43
Sue Niebrzydowski Encouraging Marriage in facie ecclesiae: The Mary Play ‘Betrothal’ and the Sarum Ordo ad faciendum Sponsalia 44 – 61
Peter Meredith and Lynette Muir The Corpus Christi Bull, 1264: Latin text with modern English translation 62 – 78
Sandra Pietrini Medieval Fools in Biblical Iconography 79 – 103
Olga Horner The Law that Never Was – a Codicil: the case of The Just Vengeance Summary 104 – 115
Jeffrey Leininger The Dating of Bale’s King John: a re-examination. 116 – 137
Pamela M. King La Festa d’Elx revisited, August 2003 (review) 138 – 140
David Mills Chester Mystery Plays: 30 June–19 July 2003 (review)    Summary 141 – 145

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