Report 2000/2001

This year the Project attempted to consolidate its work in progress. This included writing up several of the papers delivered last year for publication, and especially moving towards bringing the various CD-ROM publication projects to completion.

The cataloguing of the E. Martin Browne Archive continues steadily. Ms Helen Bennett has devised an electronic cataloguing tool, which enables visitors to consult the catalogue in progress on-line. She demo'd this at DRH 2000 (Sheffield University). Miss Muriel Utting has joined the Project in order to do the catalogue entry.
In January 2001, Dr Margaret Rogerson, University of Sydney, Australia, visited the Archive to work on her forthcoming book on the 1950s productions of the York Cycle.
During her visit, further sound recordings of the 1950s productions were unearthed. They were taken to the National Sound Archive for processing.

Dr. Andrew Prescott (Project Associate) was seconded from the British Library for three years to become the first Director and Professor of the Centre for Masonic Studies at the University of Sheffield. His researches into Masonic history have already produced a fascinating further dimension to the later history of the type of civic and corporate display of which the Mystery Cycles were an early manifestation. This has prompted the Project to further discussion of the more general topic of this type of display and the associations which proclaimed their identities through it. Further research avenues have opened up. Project members attended Professor Prescott's inaugural lecture at Sheffield on 5 March 2001.

At the end of March Professor Twycross was surprised at the annual meeting of Medieval English Theatre by the presentation of a Festschrift in her honour, entitled Porci ante Margaritam, published as Leeds Studies in English NS 32, edited by Professor King with Dr. Sarah Carpenter (University of Edinburgh) and Professor Peter Meredith (University of Leeds). This included contributions by Mrs Olga Horner and Professor King, and had variously involved all other members of the Project throughout the previous two years, causing them much innocent amusement when the intended recipient wondered aloud why nobody was doing any research at the moment.

Postgraduate Students’ activities Project Associates’ activities Project Directors’ activities Publications and Papers

Postgraduate Students

Lancaster University and St Martin’s College, Lancaster, particularly welcome applications for MPhil, DPhil, and the MA by Research in Medieval Studies from well-qualified graduates and final year undergraduates who would be interested in working with the Project. There are opportunities for presenting part of their dissertation as a multimedia computer programme.

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Project Associates’ activities

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Project Directors’ activities
Professor King
  • is working on a facsimile edition of the Coventry plays on CD-ROM, with the technical assistance of Helen Bennett and design input by Meg Twycross;
  • has completed an article on ‘The York Cycle and Corpus Christi Reconsidered’ for publication in Medieval English Theatre 22 (2000);
  • is writing up her half of the article on ‘Doomsday in Northern Manuscripts’, with special reference to BL Additional MS 37049, for the Proceedings of the Seventeenth Harlaxton Symposium, July 2000;
  • in the longer term, is working on a book on liturgical influences on the York Cycle.

Professor Twycross and Dr Sarah Carpenter (University of Edinburgh) completed their book on Masks and Masking in Medieval and Early Tudor England for Ashgate Press. Professor Twycross is now
  • returning to the facsimile edition and translation of the ommegang section of the 1594 Liber Boonen;
  • writing up her half of the article on ‘Doomsday in Northern Manuscripts’, with special reference to York Minster Additional MS 2, for the Proceedings of the Seventeenth Harlaxton Symposium, July 2000;
  • writing up her paper on ‘Celebrating Famous Women’ for a book of essays on Dutch pageantry edited by Elsa Strietman and Peter Happé;
  • pursuing the CD-ROM teaching package on palaeography, using expertise developed in work on the Project;
  • writing an article on stage heavens, with particular reference to the York Doomsday Play.
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Publications and Papers

Publications at press

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