Anglo-Saxon Minuscule: Transcription

In order to type out your transcription, you will need to know the following codes:

  1. Locate the bank of keys with numbers on the right hand side of the keyboard;
  2. Make sure the NUM[BER] LOCK is on - key usually at the top left of this bank. A green light will come on;

  3. To produce non-standard symbols, hold down the ALT key and type the relevant numerical code on the numbers in this bank of keys (not the ones at the top of the keyboard):

    • for , ALT + 0230;
    • for , ALT + 0240;
    • for , ALT + 0254;
    • for , ALT + 0198;
    • for , ALT + 0208;
    • for , ALT + 0222.

These codes work in Word as well.

The lines are numbered according to their layout on the original page.

Go to Lines 4-6
Go to Lines 7-9
Go to Lines 10-12
Go to Lines 13-15
Go to Lines 16-17

You will have to scroll sideways to see the whole line.

Lines 4-6:

Check your transcription

Lines 7-9:

Check your transcription

Lines 10-12:

Check your transcription

Lines 13-15:

Check your transcription

Lines 16-17:

Check your transcription

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