Proudly converting caffeine drinkers into espresso connoiseurs (aka coffee addicts).

To brew a great 25ml espresso you need 7 grams of grounded roasted coffee, around 25 ± 2 seconds of extraction time (grinding finer makes it longer to extract), 90°C water temperature, 1 bar boiler pressure, 9 bar pump pressure. Have a bit of hot water running first to heat all the elements before brewing the actual coffee. To have the perfect espresso, follow instructions above and add a bunch of people (not in the coffee). Trade secrets belonging to both bartenders and statisticians.

Have faith in others, and shoulder those who are close to you, be grateful. Think, ask questions, be curious, forge your beliefs but don’t let those blind you. Do not waste your time, as it is limited, but do not rush things either: there is plenty already to achieve what matters.

Computers tough me a language, how to play an instrument, how to shoot a landscape, how to cook, how to make a film, how to code. Now it is my turn to teach something back to them. I like computers, and I hope that they will like me too whenever we reach the singularity and they decide to get rid of us :^)

I donated to Wikipedia once: they kept coming with those pop-ups asking for a donation. Later on, I found out that it is possible to hide those with an adBlocker: not that one should do that, after all.