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Application Notes

On this page you'll find links to some details of various problems that you might encounter; who knows, maybe somewhere you might even find a page with some useful information on it

By default, PFE lets you open only one file at a time from the various file opening dialogs that you can use.

This behaviour differs from some earlier releases, which allowed you to open many files at the same time; this note explains why the change was made, and shows how you can turn multiple selection back on.

If you have a US keyboard and are using the 32 Bit Edition, you may find that you can't access menu items by holding the right-hand Alt key down and typing the hot-key letter

You may think that the 32-Bit Edition of PFE can't handle long file names that contain spaces - double clicking on them in Windows Explorer says that they don't exist.

In fact, this is because you haven't set things up quite correctly - the note explains all

With the 16-Bit Edition of version 0.07.001, the "User Help Files" panel of the Options Preferences dialog does not work correctly. This note explains how you can work around the problem

With the 32-Bit Edition of version 0.07.001, attempts to import a registry configuration set from a .rcf file always fail

You may be finding difficulty creating macros to automate searching and replacing operations. This is because of a major deficiency in the macro language - the note explains the problems, and suggests a limited workround that you might be able to use.

When you're working with files that are stored in UNIX format, you may find that the file changes back to DOS format after you perform a File Save As command.

The reason for this behaviour, and how the situation has been made better in release 0.07.002, are in this note.

External spell-check programs will not be able to integrate with PFE. This note explains why.

The free "" font (available from cannot be selected in PFE under Windows NT, despite it being a fixed-pitch font. This note explains why.

Version 2.2 of the Microsoft IntelliPoint driver for the IntelliMouse can cause problems for PFE if you use the auto-panning support feature that it provides.

With PFE Version 1.00 under Windows 95 and Windows 98, clicking on the "Close" button to close a Control Station window sometimes leaves it visible, but unusable, on the screen.


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