Cycling and Society Symposium: Whose biketopias?

This year Cycling and Society Symposium has returned to London for two days of what I consider to be the most exciting conference on cycling. I am saying this not only because I had the opportunity and honor to organize last year’s edition in Lancaster, but...
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Be a Robot for Breakfast

Have breakfast with researchers at RMIT and be a telepresence robot in Melbourne! You can just turn up (in the Sociology Kitchen, Bowland North B14 and/or at the links below) 14th September 8am-10am If you have time to register: Help us plan by registering here...
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Mobile Futures Design Workshop: Disaster, Flooding, Disruption

How do we move vital goods in times of crisis? How do medical and rescue organizations move blood when and where needed? For three days this summer design students and staff from Aalborg University and Lancaster-based community partners – NHS Blood and...
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Playing with Play at CeMoRe Away Day

In this year’s Away Day, Cemore & Co played with play.   Lucky enough to catch one of Lancaster’s strange but glorious hot days, Cemore and Imagination friends took the day out in Halton, by the Lune River. The ride was terrific and it took us in a...
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Mobilities Issue 12 No. 3 June 2017

With eleven original articles on such diverse topics as security, American airports, music and academia, our June issue of Mobilities is the largest yet. We hope it makes for great summer reading! Security or Insecurity? Representations of the UK Border in Public...
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Cemore initiated the new mobilities paradigm in the social sciences, arts, humanities and sciences. It was the first such centre (founded in 2003 by John Urry and Mimi Sheller) and continues to be at the heart of this burgeoning global field. Mobilities research develops a deeper and broader understanding of contemporary challenges through social science as a transdisciplinary endeavour.  It encompasses the analysis of the global, national and local movements of people, objects, capital, information and material things combining together to engender the economic and social patterning of life.

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