Reframing Drone Methodologies

What drones are capable of in our hands? This is the question raised by Bradley Garrett and Adam Fish in a guest blog post about drone methodologies.   Lost in the concern that the drone is an authoritarian instrument is the possibility that it might…
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Mobilities, Volume 11, Issue 5, December 2016 – OUT NOW!

Includes diverse articles by Bonno Pel; Stefan Gössling and Iliada Stavrinidi; Simon Cook, Jon Shaw and Paul Simpson; Thomas Bjørner; Bradley Rink and Asher Gamedze; Gregg Culver and Lucrezia Lopez, Rubèn Camilo Lois González, Belén Ma Castro Fernández
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Attack on the drones by Brad Garrett and Adam Fish

Dr Bradley L Garrett who was awarded a CeMoRe Visiting Fellowship for 2016/17 has worked closely with Dr Adam Fish, CeMoRe Associated and Senior Lecturer in Sociology on the question ‘Who owns the air above our cities? The public and the media are in danger...
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Material Mobilities and the Turn to Design in Mobilities Research

What does the turn towards design and architecture within the ‘new mobilities turn’ mean?   Ole B. Jensen, Professor in the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University, has visited us to give the talk ‘Material...
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Mobilising disasters

How to think about disasters not as fixed events, but as temporally and spatially dependent?   Eric L. Hsu, from Hawke EU Centre for Mobilities, Migrations and Cultural Transformations, the University Of South Australia, has visited Cemore for a few days...
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Cemore initiated the new mobilities paradigm in the social sciences, arts, humanities and sciences. It was the first such centre (founded in 2003 by John Urry and Mimi Sheller) and continues to be at the heart of this burgeoning global field. Mobilities research develops a deeper and broader understanding of contemporary challenges through social science as a transdisciplinary endeavour.  It encompasses the analysis of the global, national and local movements of people, objects, capital, information and material things combining together to engender the economic and social patterning of life.

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