The Mobile Utopia Conference Programme is shaping up. We had a terrific day browsing through all the abstracts, putting together a first draft of themed sessions, discovering connections, new ideas, new methodologies and approaches, as well as discussing our own work in relation to this exciting glimpse into the richness of mobilities research, art and creative practice.


This is still a work in progress, but themes currently include:


Data Mobilities, Cars, cars, cars, Automation, Transport, Traffic, Everyday Mobilities, Mobilities and Innovation, Past Futures, Mobility and Museums, Sharing Mobilities, Mobility Justice, Disaster Mobilities, Colonial Mobilities/global mobilities, Social movements and protests, In another world: Tourism, City Walks, Art Talks, A new role for transport history, Post-human mobilites, Infrastructure and infrastructuring, House and Neighbourhoods, Mobilities and Literature, Migration and nomadism, Architecture/Environment, Mobile Imaginaries, Speculative Stories, Heterogenous Work, Bridging Transport Mobility, Atmospheric adventures and the Aerocene, Driverless & Driver.


More soon on the Mobile Utopia Conference!


Monika Büscher, Carlos Lopez-Galviz, Zofia Bednarowska, David Bissell, Yang Hu, Claus Lassen, Marta Olcoń-Kubicka, Cosmin Popan, Stephanie Bayne Sodero, Jen Southern, Aurora Trujillo, David Tyfield.