The Centre for Mobilities Research runs and participates in a number of research projects.

The Centre provides support in hosting and organising events, as well as publicising various project activities. Further intellectual and practical support is provided by offering research clinic and showcase opportunities, which enable transdisciplinary conversations and engagements.

If you have a project that might benefit by being supported by the Centre, please get in touch with Aurora Trujillo.

Current Projects

Current Projects

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Past Projects

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Project Updates

Mobile Cultures of Disaster Conference

Cemore Director Monika Büscher is giving a keynote at the Mobile Cultures of Disasters Conference in Adelaide. A Mobile Utopia of Radically Reflexive Resilience Since the 1992 Earth Summit, 4.4 billion people or 64% of the world’s population have been affected by...

Taking out the trash

Picking Up is about the seemingly mundane and certainly smelly world of garbage collection in New York City. Author Robin Nagle is motivated by the question, “Who cleans up after us?” She works as an anthropologist-in-residence at the New York Department of Sanitation...

5 Anatomy Lessons

Anatomy of a Soldier tells the story of a British captain injured in Afghanistan. From this compelling starting point, author Harry Parker adds a twist: forty-five objects narrate the story. Though a bestseller this book wasn’t on my radar until Ole B. Jensen, when...
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