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The Mobilities Reading Group discusses work related to mobilities, ranging from classics like Bergson’s Creative Evolution (1919) to fresh off the press pieces, such as ‘Mobilizing the new mobilities paradigm’ (Sheller & Urry 2016). We read published work and work in progress, anything related to mobilities, any discipline. Meetings take place every second Wednesday 4-5pm in the Mobilities Lab (Bowland North B37). Everyone’s welcome, anytime, on a regular or one-off basis, Skype if you are not in Lancaster. Please send questions/suggestions to Pennie Drinkall. Previous readings can be found in the posts below.


Summer term reading group meetings
26th April
10th May
24th May
14th June

Reading Group Updates

15th February 2017 Reading: Interpreting Mass

15th February 2017 4-5 PM, Bowland North B37 (Mobilities Lab) We will be reading Cooper: Interpreting Mass: Collection/Dispersion in Lee and Munro: The Consumption of Mass (2001). Cooper looks at Benjamin’s notion of mass and is interesting because it re-frames...

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Difference, repetition, movement

This week’s Cemore reading group meandered to Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition, because Baudrillard (last reading) made us curious about the symbolic as an act of exchange. We found Deleuze ‘therapeutic’ and not amenable to an instrumental...

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Difference and Repetition

Cemore Reading Group, Wednesday February 1st, 4-5pm, Bowland North B37 (Mobilities Lab). The Cemore reading group will next meet to discuss the Introduction to Gilles Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition (London: Continuum Books, 2004 [1968], pp. 1-37). It will...

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Symbolic Exchange & Death

18th January 2017 Chapter 5 Political Economy and Death (p. 125-194) from Baudrillard, Jean 1993. Symbolic Exchange and Death. London/Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. Chaired by Miriam Schreiter. Here’s how it starts: As soon as savages began to call...

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Friction – CeMoRe Reading Group

Mobilities Reading Group  Join us for a discussion this Wed Dec 14, 4-5pm (Mobilities Lab). Join in person or via skype.    Reading Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection by Anna Tsing. (Just the introduction!) PDF Abstract Challenging the widespread view that...

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Emergency Mobilities – CeMoRe Reading Group

Nov 23, 4-5pn, MobLab (B37) Adey, P. 2016. Emergency Mobilities. Mobilities 11(1): 32-48. PDF ABSTRACT This paper explores the relationship between mobilities and emergencies, two concepts that have shared little of the same space in research and critical debate....

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Art Mobilities Field Trip

Experience Mobilities of Memory: …, these sounds give way to fragments of stories from the men in the trenches; a stilted marriage proposal, an enquiry about health, a thank you for kippers sent through the post, a description of daily conditions and accounts of the...

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Proximity, Distance, Comobility

9th November 2016 Southern, J. (2012). Comobility: How Proximity and Distance Travel Together in Locative Media. Canadian Journal for Communications, 37(1), 75–91. Chaired by Monika Buscher. Abstract Mobile phones are becoming increasingly location-aware: they use and...

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