Dr Nicola Ingram

Senior Lecturer in Education and Social Justice

Research Overview

I am broadly interested in social inequalities and education from secondary schooling to higher education and into the labour market in different national contexts, and my three recent books reflect various aspects of these interests.

Currently, I am co-investigator (Lancaster P.I.) along with Prof. Lynn McAlpine (Oxford) on an ERASMUS Plus funded project entitled Researcher Identity Development in the Social Sciences, collaborating with colleagues in Spain, Estonia and Finland. The project is considering the experiences of early career researchers across different countries with a view to developing toolkits to support career development.

I was recently co-investigator (Lancaster P.I.) on the Leverhulme Trust funded Paired Peers project with Prof. Harriet Bradley and colleagues, which builds upon my work at the University of Bristol. This research spans a seven year period from 2010 to 2017 and focussed on the experiences of working-class and middle-class young people as they make their way through undergraduate programs at two different universities in the same city, and into life beyond graduation.

My specific research interests are in classed and gendered identities and the impact of education on the maintenance and transformation of people's ways of being.

‘Talent-spotting’ or ‘social magic’?: Inequality, cultural sorting and constructions of the ideal graduate in elite professions
Ingram, N.A., Allen, K. 10/09/2018 In: The Sociological Review.
Journal article

Educational Choices, Aspirations and Transitions in Europe: Systemic, Institutional and Subjective Challenges
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When class trumps university status: narratives of Zoe and Francesca from the Paired Peers project
Ingram, N., Abrahams, J., Bathmaker, A. 18/05/2018 In: Evaluating Equity and Widening Participation in Higher Education. Trentham Books
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Working-Class Boys and Educational Success: Teenage Identities, Masculinity and Urban Schooling
Ingram, N.A. 12/05/2018 London : Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN: 9781137401588. Electronic ISBN: 9781137401595.

Higher education and social inequalities: getting in, getting on and getting out
Waller, R., Ingram, N., Ward, M.R.M. 31/07/2017 London : Routledge. 224 p. ISBN: 9781138212886. Electronic ISBN: 9781315449722.

“I’m not just one type of person”: aspirational working-class Belfast boys and complex embodied performances of educationally successful masculinities
Ingram, N. 13/03/2017 In: Masculinity and aspiration in an era of neoliberal education. London : Routledge
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Research and Policy in Education: Review symposium
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Book/Film/Article review

Higher education, social class and social mobility: the degree generation
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Forced academisation by proxy: when schools have little choice but to convert
Ingram, N. 24/03/2016
Other contribution

Bourdieu: the next generation : the development of Bourdieu's intellectual heritage in contemporary UK sociology
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I’m an early career feminist academic: get me out of here?’: encountering and resisting the neoliberal academy
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Stepping outside of oneself: how a cleft-habitus can lead to greater reflexivity through occupying “the third space”
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The development of Bourdieu’s intellectual heritage in UK sociology
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Higher education and the reproduction of social elites
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Journal article

Inequality in education: innovation in methods, with reflections by Dr Nicola Ingram and Professor Melanie Nind
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Journal article

Class matters in the interview setting?: positionality, situatedness and class
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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Book/Film/Article review

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Journal article

School culture and its impact on working-class boys
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Journal article

Working-class boys, educational success and the misrecognition of working-class culture
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Journal article