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Project Links

ALTER: European journal of disability research

Vol.3, No.2 April – June 2009
Special Issue / Numéro thématique

Ageing, Technology and the Home: researching new care configurations


The SENIOR Project

The Social Ethical and Privacy Needs in ICT for Older People: A Dialogue for Roadmap (SENIOR) is a 2 year support action which aims to provide a systematic assessment using dialogue as the key instrument to evaluate the social, ethical and privacy issues involved in ICT and Ageing.  SENIOR launch report


The MEDUSE Project

Drawing upon the ITEMS network results the ED FP6 project MEDUSE (Governing Health & Medicine) was a Specific Support Action aimed at setting up a dialogue between social scientists and non-academic actors directly concerned with three issues:

  1. The dynamics of patient organizations in the European area
  2. The emergence of new technologies and responsibilities for health
    care at home across diverse European systems and cultures
  3. Cross-national and European perspectives on health safety agencies


EUROCARERS lobby group for informal carers

EUROCARERS aims to advance the issue of informal care at both national and EU levels 


Other links re EC research on ICT and ageing Med-e-tel focuses on e-health and telemedicine applications

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