Jenn Ashworth

Senior Lecturer

Current Teaching

I teach undergraduate modules in narrative and new media and the novel / long form prose fiction. I teach MA modules in prose fiction, creative non fiction and the personal essay.

Grace and The Widow
Ashworth, J.M. 15/11/2018 In: Drinking Stories. Valley Press
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Seaside Special: Postcards From the Edge
Ashworth, J.M. 05/2018 Bluemoose Books. 130 p.

The Least of These
Ashworth, J.M. 1/11/2017 In: The Lonely Crowd. November , 1
Journal article

Dinner for One
Ashworth, J.M. 19/10/2017 In: Ghosts of Christmas Past. London : Hodder and Stoughton
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Mrs Mackie Waits
Ashworth, J.M. 25/09/2017
Other chapter contribution

The Night Visitors
Ashworth, J.M., Hirst, R.V. 1/04/2017 Liverpool : Dead Ink Books. 120 p.

A moment that changed me: stealing the book that saved my life
Ashworth, J.M. 11/11/2016 The Guardian 1 p.

A Woman Walks Into A Bar: An Anecdote
Ashworth, J.M. 21/10/2016

The Authorities: A Modern Elegy
Ashworth, J.M. 15/09/2016
Other contribution

Ashworth, J.M. 14/06/2016 London : Sceptre. 352 p. ISBN: 9781473630628.

The Daughters of Lot
Ashworth, J.M. 11/2015 In: The Lonely Crowd.
Journal article

Life writing / writing life
Ashworth, J. 15/10/2015 In: The art of the novel. Salt Publishing
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Bus station: unbound
Ashworth, J., Hirst, R. 27/02/2015 Curious Tales. 114 p. Electronic ISBN: B00P6LDIXE.

Dinner for one
Ashworth, J. 15/12/2014 In: Big Issue in the North.
Journal article

On being brief
Ashworth, J. 14/12/2014 In: Writing short stories. London : Bloomsbury
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Ashworth, J. 17/04/2014 In: Litro Magazine. 133
Journal article

Generation rental: the housing crisis facing today's youth
Ashworth, J. 16/03/2014 In: The Observer.
Journal article

Five thousand lads a year
Ashworth, J. 13/01/2014

The longest night: five curious tales
Ashworth, J. 5/12/2013 Curious Tales.

Katy, My Sister
Ashworth, J. 09/2013 In: Short Fiction: The Visual Literary Journal. 7
Journal article

The Friday Gospels
Ashworth, J. 01/2013 London : Sceptre. 380 p. ISBN: 1444707728, 9781444707724.

Ashworth, J. 2013 In: Scraps. Gumbo Press
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Dinner for one
Ashworth, J. 10/12/2012 In: Poor souls' light. Curious Tales
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Every Member a Missionary
Ashworth, J. 10/2012 In: The Mechanics' Institute Review. MA Creative Writing p. 49-57. 9 p. ISBN: 0954793390, 9780954793395.

Hammer (Kindle ed.)
Ashworth, J. 16/05/2012 In: Jawbreakers: a collection of flash-fictions.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Why I refused to go to school
Ashworth, J. 13/01/2012 In: The Guardian.
Journal article

Cold Light
Ashworth, J. 24/02/2011 London : Sceptre. 352 p. ISBN: 9781444721447.

The Wrong Sort of Shoes
Ashworth, J. 10/2010 In: Bugged.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

A Kind of Intimacy
Ashworth, J. 26/03/2009 London : Arcadia Books. 282 p. ISBN: 9781906413392 .

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
Ashworth, J. 2009 In: Paint a Vulgar Picture: Fiction Inspired by the Smiths. London : Serpent's Tail p. 202-210. 9 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)