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CeMoRe Research Day 2005

Wednesday 2nd March
Meeting Room 4, Conference Centre, Lancaster University


9.10: Registration

9.25: Introduction and welcome -Colin Pooley/John Urry

9.30–11.00. Session 1: Experiences of mobility - Chair: Colin Pooley, Geography

Dave Horton (IEPP) Bicycle cultures
Laura Watts (CeMoRe) The art and craft of travelling
Rosaleen Duffy (Politics) Illicit flows: environment and gem trafficking in Madagascar
Viv Cuthill (Sociology) Global flows: transforming tourist places and service cultures
Dan Shapiro (Sociology) Augmenting mobility

11.00-11.15: Coffee

11.15-12.45. Session 2: Mobility concepts and impacts Chair: John Urry, Sociology

Robert Crawshaw (DELC) Ethnography, border disputes, totalitarianism and the intercultural narrative: the case of Ismail Kadare’s The File on H.
Adi Kuntsman (Sociology) Ethnographic in/mobilities in cyber-homes
Lenny Baer (Geography) Slow motion misunderstandings about student transitions to University
Mimi Sheller (CeMoRe) Global and local mobilities in the making of Caribbean space and place
James Faulconbridge (Geography) Global spaces of knowledge in advertising and law professional service firms

12.45-1.45: Buffet lunch and informal discussion

1.45-3.15. Session 3: Mobility and communication - Chair: Sue Peters, Management School

Laura Watts (CeMoRe) Future myths of the mobile telecoms industry
Dylan Tutt (Sociology) Mobile performances of a teenager: a study of situated mobile phone activity in the living room
Noel Cass (IEPPP/CSEC) Virtual vs embodied mobility in maintaining networks: the experience of international new social movements
Jennie Germann Molz (Sociology) Mobility, technology and sociality: leisure travel in the information age
Eleanor Clarke (CeMoRe) Travel agents: I cannot see everything from this position

3.15-3.30: Tea

3.30-5.00. Session 4: Immigrants and identities - Chair: Colin Pooley,Geography

Roger Penn (CAS/Sociology) ‘New’immigration to the UK
Imogen Tyler (ICR) Welcome to Britain: mobility/immobility and the figure of the asylum seeker
Anne-Marie Fortier (Sociology) Multicultural horizons and moving images in Britishness
Peter Hopkins (Geography) Global events, national policies, local lives: young Muslim men in Scotland
Feargal Cochrane (Politics) The impact of globalisation and US foreign policy since 9/11 on New York’s Irish community: the end of the Irish diaspora?

5.00: Closing remarks - JohnUrry/Colin Pooley

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