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Food and Mobility

Friday 12 and Saturday 13 November 2004
CETAD Training Room, Lancaster University -
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A two-day interdisciplinary symposium hosted by the Centre for Mobilities Research, Department of Sociology at Lancaster University.

This symposium aims to address a number of themes arising from the issues of ‘mobility’ and ‘food.’ Bringing together researchers from a number of academic disciplines, this event aims to explore the mobility of food and consumption, but also the mobility of food studies across academic disciplinary boundaries. Food is produced and consumed through complex geographies of mobile people, plants, animals, and diseases that travel across global infrastructures of production, transportation, and preparation and become embedded in culinary cultures consisting of techniques, recipes, and styles of cooking and eating. The turn towards bodies, spatialities, networks, and materialities within the social sciences, science studies, cultural studies and gender studies suggests a number of new ways of posing the question of ‘mobility’ and ‘food.’

  • How do networks of mobility and communication get materialized and incorporated into bodies through the consumption of food?
  • How does the mobilization of food cultures help to stabilize homes and transport places of dwelling to new settings?
  • How do the exchanges, circulations and mobilities of food assist in the creation of ‘place’?
  • Are people connected or estranged by the foods they consume or refuse to consume?
  • How do ‘glocal’ cultures of eating emerge out of the international food trade, the trend toward ‘multicultural’ cuisine, and the changing ecology of foodstuffs?
  • What new mobile methods might contribute to studying emergent culinary mobilities?

Further details forthcoming ...

Confirmed speakers include ...

Robert Appelbaum, Lancaster University
David Bell, Staffordshire University
Ian Cook, University of Birmingham
Phil Crang, University of London
Helen Day, University of Central Lancashire
Joanne Hollows, Nottingham Trent
Anne Kershen, Queen Mary University, London
Shirley Tate, Manchester Metropolitan
Alan Warde, Manchester University

Andy Warnes, Leeds University

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Organised by Sarah Gibson

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