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11-13 July 2012, Lancaster University UK
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Offering a brief time-out from London 2012, our academic conference looks at the work of Austria's foremost contemporary writer and Nobel laureate in the light of sport, translation and cultural understanding.
Elfriede Jelinek's body of work could be read as a model cultural Olympics all of its own. Her intersections with a multiplicity of different artistic forms are legend. Not only has she penned novels, plays, poetry, screenplays, and essays, but she can also point to libretti, to numerous of her own translations of other writers, and to collaborations with a wide variety of artists, composers and intellectuals. Furthermore, her efforts to speak to both highly specialized audiences and to ordinary individuals provide us with a model for understanding how elite performances are valued by multiple audiences and evolve in collaboration with them. At the same time, sport and the mass public consumption of cultural events have been a recurrent point of criticism and a frequent theme within Jelinek's work to date.


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Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre, University of Vienna
Goethe Institute
Austrian Cultural Forum
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