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Mobilities is a postdisciplinary research field. A key aim of this initiative is to promote the convergence of research areas currently regarded as distinct (eg 'tourism studies', 'transport studies', 'migration studies', 'epidemiology studies', 'mobile technologies'). Through a more fluid dialogue and cooperation between these research areas we want to encourage the emergence of postdisciplinary research teams.

Members of the network can use the mailing list to circulate information about events, publications, news, etc.  This is a moderated information resource and dissemination service for individuals affiliated to mediterranean mobilities. You can make use of this service by sending any information for inclusion in the mailing to

To join or leave this list, please email Javier Caletrio


A bit of background...

Fostering cooperation in the Mediterranean

The idea of setting up a network on Mediterranean mobilities emerged in late 2005 in discussions with colleagues from the UK and Spain about the lack of visibility of researchers in the Mediterranean and the difficulties encountered when attempting to develop transnational research initiatives. In a region suffering from chronic lack of resources and structural inequalities within and between both shores and where new initiatives by young researchers often face the sad realities of immobilism, zealous policing of disciplinary boundaries and hierarchical relationships, this initiative emerged as a modest contribution to create more democratic spaces for collaboration, research and innovation.

Those familiar with the research landscape in the Mediterranean know that despite these limitations there are many interesting initiatives led by talented, creative and enthusiastic people. It is a pleasure to hear with increasing frequency about similar networking initiatives being developed across the region and around different issues and concerns. We believe that if the academia is to effectively contribute to addressing the challenges facing the Mediterranean in the 21st century, greater cooperation between all existing initiatives is needed.

The very postdisciplinary nature of mobilities research (see, for example, the journal Mobilities) opens up a potentially fruitful space for collaboration between a diverse range of disciplines, networks and institutions and we are keen to see this potential fulfilled. More especifically, we see this network as providing a space (one among others) for enabling new connections to be realized and strengthened particularly among researchers working from different angles and disciplines on migration, tourism, transport, travel, new technologies, urban infrastructures, peace and security and processes of regionalization. We look forward to contributing to the emerging Mediterranean academic space.



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