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Information for Students

For general information take a look at Education and learning pages on the Gov.UK web site.


General information about financial help from Gov.UK, UCAS and

Institutional Bursaries

For more information about bursaries from the Higher Education Institutions in Lancashire click on the following links:

Don’t forget to check out your eligibility for Tax Credits and for Council Tax Benefit.

If you need help with the maths, then check out the UCAS budget calculator

Disabled Students

If you have concerns about the extra costs of studying linked to a disability or specific learning difficulty it may be helpful to look at the Disability Students' Allowance page of the Gov.UK web site.

You can find information about the learning support available to you at college or university on the Skill (National Bureau for Students with Disablities) website. You may also wish to read some of the case studies of some disabled students experiences of HE and the answers to frequently asked questions for students with disabilities.





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