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This section of the web site includes:

General Information for Practitioners

For practitioners working with adult learners try The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (England and Wales) NIACE web site.

If you need support and information about training, resources and conferences then take a look at The National Family Learning Network (NFLN). This web site offers support for Family Learning Practitioners. For more specific information for practitioners working with disabled students take a look at the Skill: National Bureau for Students With Disabilities web page.

TagDisability is a FREE online resource library for the education sector.


Family Activities

A range of family learning activities for use with different members of the family.


Family leaflets

A leaflet entitled "Preparing for Higher Education whilst in the Primary School: Never too young to start".


If you have any ideas or information you would like to publicise regarding family related activity please email Ann-Marie Houghton, or Tel: 01524 592907.




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