Dr John Worthington

Lecturer in Infection Biology

Research Overview

The intestinal epithelium offers the first interaction between commensal bacteria, pathogens and our bodies’ largest immune system. Inappropriate immune responses drive inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or excessive inflammation during infection. My research focuses on the epithelial enteroendocrine cells (EECs), which release peptide hormones in response to nutrients allowing their efficient digestion. EEC alterations are strongly associated with inflammation, yet the possibility of interactions between our gut’s endocrine and immune systems remains overlooked. Understanding the mechanistic cross-talk between enteroendocrine and immune cells will identify the immunoendocrine axis as a key feature of intestinal health which could be therapeutically targeted during disease.

Efect of long‑term treatment with classical neuroleptics on NPQ/ spexin, kisspeptin and POMC mRNA expression in the male rat amygdala
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Journal article

Long-term treatment with olanzapine increases the number of Sox2 and doublecortin expressing cells in the adult subventricular zone
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Journal article

The potential role of the novel hypothalamic neuropeptides nesfatin-1, phoenixin, spexin and kisspeptin in the pathogenesis of anxiety and anorexia nervosa
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Journal article

Enteroendocrine cells-sensory sentinels of the intestinal environment and orchestrators of mucosal immunity
Worthington, J.J., Reimann, F., Gribble, F.M. 01/2018 In: Mucosal Immunology. 11, p. 3-20. 18 p.
Journal article

Inflammatory cues enhance TGFβ activation by distinct subsets of human intestinal dendritic cells via integrin αvβ8
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Journal article

Escitalopram affects spexin expression in the rat hypothalamus, hippocampus and striatum
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Journal article

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Journal article

Tuft cells: a new flavor in innate epithelial immunity
Grencis, R.K., Worthington, J.J. 08/2016 In: Trends in Parasitology. 32, 8, p. 583-585. 3 p.
Journal article

Long-term treatment with haloperidol affects neuropeptide S and NPSR mRNA levels in the rat brain
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Journal article

Effects of long-term treatment with the neuroleptics haloperidol, clozapine and olanzapine on immunoexpression of NMDA receptor subunits NR1, NR2A and NR2B in the rat hippocampus
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Journal article

The intestinal immunoendocrine axis: novel cross-talk between enteroendocrine cells and the immune system during infection and inflammatory disease
Worthington, J.J. 3/08/2015 In: Biochemical Society Transactions. 43, 4, p. 727-733. 7 p.
Journal article

Effector Tregs: middle-men in TGFβ activation
Worthington, J.J., Travis, M.A. 27/06/2015 In: Oncotarget. 6, 24, 2 p.

Integrin αvβ8-mediated TGF-β activation by effector regulatory T sells is essential for suppression of T-Cell-mediated inflammation
Worthington, J.J., Kelly, A., Smedley, C., Bauché, D., Campbell, S., Marie, J.C., Travis, M.A. 19/05/2015 In: Immunity. 42, 5, p. 903-915. 13 p.
Journal article

The novel neuropeptide phoenixin is highly co-expressed with nesfatin-1 in the rat hypothalamus, an immunohistochemical study
Pałasz, A., Rojczyk, E., Bogus, K., Worthington, J.J., Wiaderkiewicz, R. 10/04/2015 In: Neuroscience Letters. 592, p. 17-21. 5 p.
Journal article

Chronic Trichuris muris infection in C57BL/6 mice causes significant changes in most microbiota and metabolome: effects reversed by pathogen clearance
Houlden, A., Hayes, K.S., Bancroft, A.J., Worthington, J.J., Wang, P., Grencis, R.K., Roberts, I.S. 25/03/2015 In: PLoS ONE. 10, 5, 25 p.
Journal article

Neurolight -astonishing advances in brain imaging
Rojczyk-Gołębiewska, E., Pałasz, A., Worthington, J.J., Markowski, G., Wiaderkiewicz, R. 02/2015 In: The International Journal of Neuroscience. 125, 2, p. 91-99. 9 p.
Journal article

Mesenchymal stromal cells: inhibiting PDGF receptors or depleting fibronectin induces mesodermal progenitors with endothelial potential
Ball, S.G., Worthington, J.J., Canfield, A.E., Merry, C.L.R., Kielty, C.M. 03/2014 In: Stem Cells. 32, 3, p. 694-705. 12 p.
Journal article

Adaptive immunity alters distinct host feeding pathways during nematode induced inflammation, a novel mechanism in parasite expulsion
Worthington, J.J., Samuelson, L.C., Grencis, R.K., McLaughlin, J.T. 17/01/2013 In: PLoS Pathogens. 9, 1, 8 p.
Journal article

Loss of the TGFβ-activating integrin αvβ8 on dendritic cells protects mice from chronic intestinal parasitic infection via control of type 2 immunity
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Journal article

Regulation of TGFβ in the immune system: an emerging role for integrins and dendritic cells
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Journal article

Nesfatin-1, a unique regulatory neuropeptide of the brain
Palasz, A., Krzystanek, M., Worthington, J., Czajkowska, B., Kostro, K., Wiaderkiewicz, R., Bajor, G. 06/2012
Literature review

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