Professor Neil Johnson

Faculty Dean

Research Overview

My research focuses on aspects of medical education. Recent work includes the measurement of teaching, the use of role modelling and analysis of the standards set for medical school end-point assessments.

Variation in passing standards for graduation-level knowledge items at UK Medical Schools
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The impact of positive doctor role modelling
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The hidden process of positive doctor role modelling
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WATCH: Warwick Assessment insTrument for Clinical teacHing: Development and testing
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Journal article

The perceived effects of the European working time directive upon training opportunities for specialist registrars in general surgery in the West Midlands
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Meeting abstract

Perceptions of UK medical graduates' preparedness for practice: a multi-centre qualitative study reflecting the importance of learning on the job
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Junior doctors prescribing: enhancing their learning in practice
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Journal article

Introducing service improvement to the initial training of clinical staff
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Journal article

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