Dr Anne Grinyer

Senior Lecturer

Research Overview

My research since 1999 has been in the field of teenage and young adult cancer, with a specific focus on the psycho-social impact relating to lifestage and the effect on family dynamics, care-settings, long-term survivorship and end of life care.

F01-B Hospice Professionals’ Experiences with Suicide and Hastened Death in Washington State
Gerson, S., Grinyer, A., Bingley, A., Froggatt, K. 7/12/2016
Meeting abstract

The study of mental distress and the (re)construction of identities in men and women with experience of long-term mental distress
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Journal article

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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Teenage and young adult palliative and end of life care service evaluation
Grinyer, A., Barbarachild, Z. 04/2011 Teenage Cancer Trust.
Commissioned report

When a hospice in not a haven: case report
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Journal article

Dying as a teenager or young person
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Companions Through Cancer. [Plenary speakers]
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Working paper

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