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Broader Significance

Links with China

Ruth Chadwick co-ordinated a delegation to four Chinese cities in October 2004, sponsored by the British Council to present research on genetics and health care. The CESAGen representatives gave public lectures, participated in café scientifiques and workshops with Chinese bioethicists and scientists and gave interviews for television and newspapers. Mairi Levitt was invited to be a member of staff on the Chinese Philosophy Summer school in Wuhan (July-August 2005) teaching a course on social and ethical issues in human genetics. Further collaboration is planned with the IAB world congress in Beijing (2006) where the database project team will organise a symposium on Genetic Databases and international health.

Public Population Project in Genomics ( P3G) Consortium

Ruth Chadwick is a member of this Consortium which is a non-for-profit international consortium to promote collaboration between researchers in the field of population genomics. Please visit the P3G website for further information.


Ruth Chadwick is a team member of North West Genetic Knowledge Park, and is responsible for the ethical, legal and social dimension theme. Please visit the Nowgen website for further information.

Capacity Building

Postgraduate students on the MSc in Genetic Counselling, based at St Mary’s Hospital, will have the opportunity to be involved in research on genetic family registers with the database project team.


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