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An annotated selection of examples of changes

Ivanic, R., Edwards, R., Satchwell, C., and Smith, J. (2007) 'Possibilities for pedagogy in Further Education: Harnessing the abundance of literacy.' British Educational Research Journal Vol. 33, No. 5, TLRP Special Issue, pp. 703-721. (Copyright of the journal.)

- provides an overview of the insights gained from the project. Intended mainly for educational researchers, but includes detail and analysis of examplechanges made by the tutors that are not included in the film.


Miller, K., Smith, J., Carmichael, J. and Edwards R.(2007) 'Researching literacy for learning in the vocational curriculum', in Mike Osborne, Muir Houston & Nuala Toman (Eds) The Pedagogy of Lifelong Learning: Understanding Effective Teaching and Learning in Diverse Contexts. London : Routledge, pp. 79-89.

- provides information about the LfLFE research process as well as the outcomes.


Satchwell, C. and Ivanic, R. (2007) 'The textuality of learning contexts in UK Colleges.' Special Issue of Pedagogy, Culture and Society on Contexts, Networks and Communities; Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 303-316. (Copyright of the journal.)

- reports the analysis of the existing reading and writing practices within the curriculum.


Ivanic, R. and Satchwell, C. (2008), 'Boundary crossings: Networking and transforming literacies'. Special Issue of The Journal of Applied Linguistics, on New Directions in Academic Literacies Research. (Copyright of the journal.)

- about making changes through breaking down barriers: firstly between FEand HE through research with FE practitioners working as researchers; and secondly between literacy practices outside and inside college.

Mannion, G., Miller, K., Gibb, I. and Goodman, R. (2009) Reading, Writing, Resonating: striking chords across the contexts of students’ everyday and college lives. Pedagogy, Culture & Society , Volume 17, Issue 3 October 2009 , pp 323 - 339. This article can also be accessed via Stirling University STORRE

- focuses on the issues around 'transfer' and offers the view that literacy practices can be 'resonant' across contexts. Also looks at the methodology of mapping literacy practices (using icons, as shown in the film) as a tool for researching the interface between everyday literacy practices and college literacy practices.


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