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The Literacies for Learning in FE DVD:

- The DVD shows how course tutors researched their students' everyday literacy practices and the role of reading and writing on their courses. It then shows how they used this research to make small changes in their practice, related to literacies for learning.

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Articles in journals:

Miller, K. and Gaechter, J. (2006):

'Thinking about learning the curriculum in different ways.' Broadcast 72, pp. 20-21. Available online at

- about the use of mind maps in childcare


Mannion, G. (2006) Viewpoint: 'Striking a chord'. Broadcast , Vol, 71, pp. 40-41. Available online at

- develops the concept of 'resonance' between literacy practices, as a useful means of understanding the differences and potential connections between reading and writing practices in life, work and study.


Smith, J. (2005): 'Mobilising everyday literacy practices within the curricula.' Journal of Vocational Education and Training Volume 57, Number 3, 2005 pp. 319-334.

- offers examples of literacy practices in students' everyday lives, and how they do or don't connect with the literacy practices on their courses.


Satchwell, C. (2007): 'Keeping it real... ' The Leader (Journal of the Association of School and College Leaders) Issue 21, pp. 28 - 30. A shorter version is available online at

- about using students' everyday reading and writing as resources for their learning.


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