Dr Neil Manson

Senior Lecturer

Current Teaching

PHIL100 - Introduction to Philosophy

PPR 213 Epistemology

PPR307 History of Twentieth Century Philosophy

PPR 456 Paternalism, Autonomy and Consent

How not to think about the ethics of deceiving into sex
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When is a choice not a choice?: "sham offers" and the asymmetry of adolescent consent and refusal
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Permissive consent: a robust reason-changing account
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Misleading by omission: rethinking the obligation to inform research subjects about funding sources
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Normative consent is not consent
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Informed consent
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Informed consent and referential opacity
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Reading Onora O'Neill
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Making Sense of Spin
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Why do patients want information, if not to make decisions?
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Epistemic Inertia and Epistemic Isolationism
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Consciousness and the unconscious
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