Dr Roger Haydon Mitchell

Honorary Researcher



BA Hons Lancaster: English with Religious Studies

MA Lancaster: International Literature and Society 1910-45

PhD Lancaster: Religious Studies

Authority without sovereignty: towards a reassessment of divine power
Mitchell, R.H. 16/06/2015 In: Towards a Kenotic Vision of Authority in the Catholic Church. Washington DC, USA : The Council for Research in Values and Philosohy p. 41-52. 12 p. ISBN: 9781565182936.

Naked life, self-transcendence, enemy love and peace for the city
Mitchell, R.H. 2015
Conference paper

Discovering Kenarchy: contemporary resources for the politics of love
Mitchell, R.H., Tomlin Arram, J. 2014 Eugene, oregon, USA : Wipf & Stock. 106 p. ISBN: 9781498200608.

Progressing love for one’s enemy as a primary motive for the politics of peace
Mitchell, R.H. 2014
Conference paper

The fall of the church
Mitchell, R.H. 2013 Eugene, Oregon, USA : Wipf & Stock. 112 p. ISBN: 9781620329283.

Church, gospel and empire: how the politics of sovereignty impregnated the west
Mitchell, R.H. 2011 Eugene, Oregon, USA : Wipf & Stock. 258 p. ISBN: 9781610977449.