Professor Anne-Marie Fortier


Research Overview

The overarching question that connects my work concerns the relationship between individual subjectivities and cultural, social and political formations. My research examines processes of subject formation in relation to governing practices that seek to stabilise identities in the face of migration. I have explored these processes in contexts such as migrant community formation; multiculturalism, cohesion and integration; queer diasporas; national genetic genealogies; and, currently, the citizenship naturalisation process in England (funded by the British Academy and the Leverhulme Trust).

My research contributes to citizenship studies, cultural studies, critical migration and diaspora studies, border studies, policy studies.

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Multicultural horizons: diversity and the limits of the civil nation
Fortier, A. 2008 London : Routledge. 139 p. ISBN: 9780415396073 .