Christos Stavrou

PhD student

Research Overview

My principal research interests lie in the fields of Sociology, Photography, Visual Culture, and Critical Disability studies. In my current PhD research, which is funded by ESRC, I investigate the relationship between photography, dis/ability, (post)identity politics, and aesthetics. Focusing on the theoretical, ontological, historical and political debates over representation and towards social justice and emancipation, in relation to the disabled people’s movement, I am interested in: i) the visual/cultural/artistic production and mediation of different embodiment; and ii) how photography can be used for and by dis/abled people.

I am also interested in visual research methods and particularly the use of cameras and photography in critical and emancipatory sociological research. This compliments my personal photographic practice (street, documentary and fine art) during the last ten years. I extensively engage with photo-documentation, photo-elicitation and the photo-essay (as a photographer, researcher, artist, flâneur, documentarist). In my latest ongoing project I have introduced the concepts of 'visual' and 'photographic profanations' (drawing also from theoretical ideas by Agamben and Virilio) in order to analyse contemporary, visual, urban politics of social organisation and civil disobedience, in relation to the removal of visual signs of protest from public spaces and memory.

Profanations in the age of speed: Looking for remaining visual traces of protest through a photographic project in London, 27 March 2011
Stavrou, C. 28/09/2012
Conference paper

Profanations 27 March
Stavrou, C. 11/06/2011 Lancaster University, Department of Sociology : Sociologist, 4 p.
Working paper

The Question of Positive Disability Imagery Through Participatory Visual Methods
Stavrou, C. 17/09/2009
Conference paper