Etna flows in front of the lights of Catania
  • Senior Lecturer in the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC)
  • Previously: RCUK Academic Fellow in Environmental Informatics - a joint position in LEC and the School of Computing and Communications (SCC)
  • Previously : Royal Society University Research Fellow

Recent field trips and courses

  • Etna field course 20162016, April, Mt. Etna: Annual field course for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Warmest weather for many years: T-shirts and sunhats. Blue skies with the occasional minor explosion from the North East Crater.

    See photos

  • Etna field course 20142015, April, Mt. Etna: Annual field course for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Lots of snow this year, but great weather too.

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  • 2015, January, Puyehue Cordón Caulle, Chile: A return trip to Cordón Caulle with Hugh, this time also with Nathan Magnall. Nathan's PhD project involves comparing lava emplacement mechanisms for flows from rhyolites to basalts; his next stop is Etna... More PCC photos.

    Puyehue Cordon Caulle, January 2015

  • 2014, September, Holuhraun eruption, Iceland: In collaboration with University of Iceland colleagues, we took our laser scanning, time-lapse and thermal imaging equipment to record the lava advance in Iceland. See photos from the trip, or Hugh's Facebook page.

    Holuhraun, September 2014

  • Etna field course 20142014, April, Mt. Etna: Some good weather but sadly no eruptions this year, on either the undergraduate or postgraduate field courses.

    See photos or more photos.

  • Etna eruption 20132013, April, Mt. Etna: Field course for a variety of our students (and others). A great trip - fantastic weather, spectacular activity from Etna and great pizza.

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  • 2013, April, Sólheimjoküll, Iceland: First of two trips this year to Iceland, to assess the motion of the Sólheimjoküll glacier using laser scanning and time-lapse photography. See our time-lapse from 2012.

    More photos Solheimajokull, April  2013

Research interests

  • understanding physical aspects of Earth surface change
  • lava flows and volcanic domes
  • fluid dynamics of volcano degassing
  • electrification of volcanic plumes and particle aggregation
  • coastal erosion and sediment dynamics
  • development of appropriate and adaptive field methodologies

Tools and techniques

  • laser scanning (Riegl LMS-Z210ii and LPM-321)
  • thermal imaging (FLIR ThermaCam S40)
  • computational fluid dynamics (Flow3D)
  • close-range photogrammetry and structure-from-motion (VMS, PhotoScan, Bundler...)
  • remote time-lapse imaging (multiple dSLRs and remote housings)


  • ENV.322 & 452 Volcanic processes field course (A trip to Mt. Etna, Sicily)
  • ENV.323 & 441 Geological hazards
  • ENV.320 Introduction to geophysical techniques
  • LEC.422 Data assimilation and integration (it's all about the metadata...)
  • SCC.130 Information Systems (5 weeks of SQL and database intro.)
  • SCC.245 Innovation (lectures on image-based modelling)

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