Pointcatcher - feature tracking in image sequences

Pointcatcher in use

Pointcatcher is primarily designed to facilitate manual tracking, but also allows provides automation with a correlation-based auto-tracking option. If you are after fully automated feature tracking through large video sequences, Pointcatcher is probably not for you. However, if you are after data extraction from difficult time-lapse imagery, or want interactivity or manual control of tracking, then give it a try. Pointcatcher is written in Matlab and provided here as a compiled executable. Pointcatcher files are saved in a Matlab form, but the tracked coordinates can be exported as text to allow easy plotting or spreadsheet analysis if required. Features:

  • video or time-lapse image files
  • track moving features automatically or manually
  • estimation of camera orientation changes


If you use Pointcatcher, please cite this website and some of the previous work listed below. Instructions will be added when I get opportunity...

    pointcatcher v1.0 (beta):

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