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UCU GENERAL MEETING - Wednesday 26th March 2014

Draft notes (Lancaster Q&A session on Marking Boycott) from the General Meeting are available to download.


UCU members voted YES to strike action and YES to action short of a strike in response to the employers' failure to make a proper pay offer this year.

Boycott coming soon

The UK Higher Education employers are refusing to make any improvement on the 2013 national pay offer of 1%, and vice chancellors are being urged to inform the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) that they support a significantly improved national pay award.

A combination of low pay increases and inflation has meant that the real value of university pay has fallen by around 13% over the last four years. Our incomes are being squeezed and many of us are beginning to struggle to make ends meet. Being forced to accept a 1% pay offer means yet another real-terms pay cut at a time when UK universities, including Lancaster University, are sitting on record cash surpluses and making massive investments in new buildings instead of staff.

UCU has announced a marking boycott with effect from 28th April.

Lancaster UCU does not relish escalating the dispute in this way, but UCEA’s abject failure to negotiate in any meaningful way gives us no alternative. We believe that all employees at Lancaster University deserve support and recognition for the role we play in delivering high quality research, education and services for our students. We should all receive fair pay that keeps up with the rising cost of living. Instead, we are being forced into taking industrial action by the intransigence of the employer's representatives on UCEA.

Vice Chancellors can bring an end to this ongoing dispute by instructing their negotiators to improve the 1% pay offer. Please email the Vice Chancellor Professor Mark E Smith and ask him to support his staff and end the dispute.

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