Lancaster University & College Union

UCU represents academic and academic-related staff employed by Lancaster University, and negotiates pay structures and terms and conditions of service with the University on behalf of members. Membership includes professors, lecturers, research staff, experimental officers, administrative, library and computing staff; full-time, part-time and hourly-paid; permanent and fixed-term contract. UCU has a number of national committees which concentrate on the interests of these specialist staff groups. Postgraduate students are eligable to join UCU and may be eligible for free student membership.

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Why You Should Be A UCU Member

As the cuts bite across the public sector, itís never been more important to be a member of the union. Staff in our colleges and universities have never needed their union more. We are a growing union, a campaigning union and a successful union. Every year, around 7,000 members seek help for a problem at work from their local UCU branch. We manage to resolve most of these issues, but where we cannot the unionís legal service is there to gain redress. In the past 12 months that redress has amounted to more than £2m in settlements for members treated unfairly at work. We are campaigning hard to defend pensions, jobs and to hold back the privatisation of our education system. The more members we have, the stronger and more successful UCU will be.

Here at the Lancaster UCU Branch we exert influence on University decision-making. We work closely with other campus trade unions, where appropriate, to improve working conditions, policies and practices. We support and represent individual members who encounter difficulties at work, organise local campaigns and represent the views of members on a wide range of university committees.

  • Through bargaining and representation, we can protect our shared interests against the employer when there is disagreement.
  • Through our collective strength, we can effectively represent individuals who have problems with the employer.
  • We can also help individuals and groups in their work roles through access to education, training and advice.
You can join the UCU online using this link or
Call: 0333 207 0719 to join.

National UCU Newsletters - Keeping you informed

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The model rules for your local University & College Union can be read downloaded and read in two formats.