Lancaster University & College Union

UCU represents academic and academic-related staff employed by Lancaster University to negotiate in many areas of everyday working life.

Membership includes professors,lecturers, research staff, experimental officers, administrative, library and computing staff; full-time, part-time and hourly-paid; permanent and fixed-term contract. Postgraduate students are eligable to join UCU and may be eligible for free student membership too.

General Meeting

Thank you to everyone who came to the recent branch meeting where we took a vote unanimously in favour of the motion:

       "Lancaster UCU calls on its members to support both strike action
       and action short of a strike in the current ballot for industrial action on pay."

Please return your ballot papers by FRIDAY 29 April so they arrive on time.
Reasons for voting YES and YES:

  • Pay Deflation: Since 2009 our pay has fallen by 14.5% in real terms
  • Pay Offer: Whilst VCs were paid, on average, £272,432 in 2014/15, they offered their staff a derisory 1% pay offer in 2016
  • Income Expansion: Universities are sitting on a surplus of over £1.3 billion
  • Employers continue to ignore the scandal of casualization: 67% of research staff are still on fixed-term contracts, more than ten years since the fixed-term regulations came into force
We are facing a group of intransigent employers, who are spending less and less on their staff every year. Last year we did not take action, this year we need to. UCU is building a national pay campaign to exert pressure on the employers.

University of Lancaster named and shamed on 'insecurity index' with nearly six in ten teaching staff (58.7%) employed on insecure contracts

The University of Lancaster has been named and shamed as being amongst the UK's worst offenders for insecure employment of academic teaching staff, according to a report on precarious employment published recently by the University and College Union (UCU).

The report on higher education finds that almost six in ten (58.7%) teaching staff at the University are employed on an insecure contract, placing it 22nd in a UK-wide 'insecurity index' for precarious employment practices. Across the UK, the report states that 49% of teaching staff in universities are on insecure contracts.

Anecdotal evidence backed up by research suggests that insecure contracts undermine teachers' ability to do a good job as they often have poor access to basic equipment and facilities, can only get their job done by putting in unpaid hours, and are constantly stressed about future availability of work.

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Call: 0333 207 0719 to join.

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