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Shown above is a virtual “Turbine Tree” built as part of the onSupply project. It uses historical data and live output data from the Lancaster University Wind turbine to dynamically show the availability of low carbon energy on campus through the colour of its lights. The tree replays the turbine output for the previous 24 hours before showing live data:

  • If the lights are green then the turbine is at full whack, ~2.5MW output.
  • If the lights are red then the turbine has low output.
  • If the lights are blue then the turbine is not sending data; likely it is down for maintenance.

The tree can also be seen in the iLancaster mobile app for staff and students – head to your app store to download or use online at Tree data is supplied by ISS.

Merry Christmas from all of us in the Catalyst team 🙂

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