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On Supply

"This project will work with local communities to co-design interactive technologies aimed at reinforcing the connection between citizens and the energy from their turbine."

What is the project challenge?

Renewable energy sources challenge us to think differently about the expectation that energy is always available whenever we demand it. ‘On Supply’ will work with the citizens of Tiree, a small island off the west coast of Scotland, to explore how new energy  awareness devices might help communities reflect on when energy is available and promote use at ‘greener’ times.

Due to a favourable wind environment, the citizens of Tiree generate a significant proportion of their energy using ‘Tilley’, a 900kW turbine. This project will work with local communities to co-design interactive technologies aimed at reinforcing the connection between citizens and the energy from their turbine.

Who are involved?

The project brings together University academics from Lancaster, Birmingham and  Goldsmiths, Digital Westie and Cleanweb, to work with the Tiree Trust, and citizens of Tiree.

What new digital technology is developing?

The project is currently developing ideas to explicitly prototype and trial new technology designs to stimulate citizens into thinking innovatively about how to adapt their lifestyles in response to green energy availability. These ideas will be showcased at the Community Relay Event.

What are the intended impacts?

On Supply will contribute to the debate in sustainability generally and specifically in sustainable human computer interaction, generating an understanding of what would make people change behaviour regarding the energy they use. The project hopes to produce publications and outreach, a legacy proof of concept infrastructure for monitoring home use, grid load and Tilley (the turbine) generation. In consideration for longer term development the project may involve further communities (e.g. the nearby island of Eigg).

Adrian Friday – Principal Investigator


Reader in Ubicomp and Sustainability, noted for real-world ubicomp systems; empirical studies of energy impacts of everyday.

Bill Gaver – Professor of Design, Goldsmiths


Noted for innovative technologies for everyday life; design; cultural probes; elected CHI academy.

Alan Dix – Professor of HCI


Noted HCI luminary; Tiree resident; TechWave progenitor; elected CHI academy.

Rory Gianni


Freelance Developer web, mobile, arduino app designer/ creator; contemporary web technology guru; sustainable innovation background.

Andy Wright


Community link/adviser, Tiree Trust

Website: http://www.tireetrust.org.uk/

On Supply

During the course of the project, a number of tools and artefacts have been developed in partnership with the Tiree community. Links to these resources are provided below.

  • Tiree Energy Pulse (TEP) web application, which provides a forecast of renewable energy produced on the island. The web application can be viewed at http://tiree-onsupply.co.uk/dd/. In addition, we have uploaded the source code and resources for this application to our GitHub account.
  • A video that briefly describes the OnSupply project, presented by the research partners, community members, and the core research team.

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School of Computing and Communications
InfoLab21, Lancaster University

t: ++44(0)1524 592467

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