Climate Emergency Mobilities: Our Manifesto

 CeMoRe is making the climate emergency its research focus from 2020-2025, recognizing that mobilities of every kind of scale are integral to the climate emergency and hold the greatest promise for transformation. Read our Manifesto statement below... CeMoRe...

Iceland. Mobility, Spatiality, Virtuality. Call for Papers and Presentations.

Iceland. Mobility, Spatiality, Virtuality. Defining new touristic relationships through remote encounters, distant desires and embodied experiences. CALL FOR PAPERS AND PRESENTATIONS. A one day symposium organised by (Arts) Territory Exchange, Centre for Mobilities...

DecarboN8 Celebrate Earth Day

      To celebrate Earth Day the DecarboN8 network, which CeMoRe is part of, has launched the video ‘Will electric cars stop the climate emergency?’. Click here to  watch the video.    

New Lecture Series on ‘Mobility Humanities’

  For the past three years CeMoRe has been collaborating with colleagues at Konkuk University’s Academy for Mobility Humanities AMH) based in Seoul, South Korea. Konkuk was the first university in the world to establish a centre dedicated specifically to...

Call for papers: ‘Real Zero’ in a Hurry: place-based decarbonisation for transport

   Please see below details for what we hope will be an exciting virtual international conference being co-ordinated by the DecarboN8 research network.  We are open to a very wide range of ideas and contributors from different sectors as well as having a strong...



Cemore initiated the new mobilities paradigm in the social sciences, arts, humanities and sciences. It was the first such centre (founded in 2003 by John Urry and Mimi Sheller) and continues to be at the heart of this burgeoning global field. Mobilities research develops a deeper and broader understanding of contemporary challenges through social science as a transdisciplinary endeavour.  It encompasses the analysis of the global, national and local movements of people, objects, capital, information and material things combining together to engender the economic and social patterning of life. From 2020-2025 the Centre is focussed on extending and developing these unique perspectives to address the climate emergency.

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