Mobilities: August 2019 Issue 4 Copy

Mobilities: August 2019 Issue 4 A curated collection on the theme of ‘digital technologies’: Digital navigation and the driving-machine: Supervision, calculation, optimization, recognition Sam Hind Anticipating digital futures: Ruins, entanglements...
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Hartmut Rosa: Annual John Urry Lecture 31 October 2019

Hartmut Rosa will deliver the 2019 Annual John Urry Lecture. 31 October 2019, Lancaster University Management School, Lecture Theatre LT4 Lecture 4:15 – 5:30     Tea/Coffee from 3:45   From 5:30 Wine Reception Please register here. Social Acceleration,...
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HERA-funded Project: Public Transport as Public Space in European Cities

CeMore’s Director for the Humanities, Lynne Pearce, has been invited to join the Advisory Board of the HERA-funded project “Public transport as public space in European cities: Narrating, experiencing, contesting” (2020-2022). In this project, ‘Public Transport...
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From Climate Migration to Anthropocene Mobilities Special Issue June 2019

From Climate Migration to Anthropocene Mobilities: Shifting the Debate Edited by Christiane Froehlich, Andrew Baldwin and Delf Rothe “The Anthropocene epoch,” as Claire Colebrook describes it, “appears to mark as radical a shift in species awareness as...
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Mobilities: October 2019 Issue 5

Mobilities: October 2019 Issue 5 This bumper issue includes a diverse geographical spread with some linked articles. When urban environments meet pedestrian’s thoughts: implications for pedestrian affect. Thomas Calvert, Juliet Jain & Kiron Chatterjee ‘Running...
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Cemore initiated the new mobilities paradigm in the social sciences, arts, humanities and sciences. It was the first such centre (founded in 2003 by John Urry and Mimi Sheller) and continues to be at the heart of this burgeoning global field. Mobilities research develops a deeper and broader understanding of contemporary challenges through social science as a transdisciplinary endeavour.  It encompasses the analysis of the global, national and local movements of people, objects, capital, information and material things combining together to engender the economic and social patterning of life.

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