Inhabiting Debt (Un)Worthiness

Cemore’s visiting PhD student, Benjamin Schwarz presents his PhD project, exploring the narratives of struggling with debt in Denmark on Tuesday 11th June 2019 from 1-3pm in Bowland North Seminar Room 12. “I am interested in how problem debt – meaning...
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AI in Healthcare, Transport Security, Policing, and Social Services

It has been more than half a century now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the public consciousness cloaked in an air of shock and awe. Visions of futuristic utopias where intelligent agents would facilitate our lives every step of the way or where...
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Robotic Experiences at Connecting Practices

Our Double Robot here at Cemore recently went on a trip to the Connecting Practices event held in Lancaster connecting Dr Allison Hui to the event, as she was at the time stationed in Melbourne, Australia. Below are the observations made by Dr Allison Hui...
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Re-thinking Immobility In a Mobile Society

Cemore and Earvin would like to invite everyone to the reading group, which will be held on 25 June at 12 pm in the Mobslab (B37). “I selected the article Understanding Immobility: Moving beyond the mobility bias in migration studies by Kerilyn Schewel. I...
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The Infrastructures of an [IM]Mobile Family Life

Cemore are happy to present our Visiting Researcher Earvin Charles Cabalquinto’s seminar titled THE INFRASTRUCTURES OF AN [IM[MOBILE FAMILY LIFE 18th June, 1-3pm Bowland North SR12 In his book entitled Mobilities, the late British Sociologist John Urry...
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Cemore initiated the new mobilities paradigm in the social sciences, arts, humanities and sciences. It was the first such centre (founded in 2003 by John Urry and Mimi Sheller) and continues to be at the heart of this burgeoning global field. Mobilities research develops a deeper and broader understanding of contemporary challenges through social science as a transdisciplinary endeavour.  It encompasses the analysis of the global, national and local movements of people, objects, capital, information and material things combining together to engender the economic and social patterning of life.

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