‘This is a very welcome book that treats the issue of automated and autonomous mobility in the mind-set of the book series in which it appears. It deals with transport, mobilities, and spatial change, with a strong historical, transport geography, technical, economic and social component. Kellerman has the gift of disentangling complex topics into very comprehensible, structured, and well-written research issues, whereby attention is paid to definitions, conceptualizations, social meanings, and interpretation. An excellent contribution.
– Frank Witlox, Ghent University, Belgium

In this ground-breaking book, Aharon Kellerman explores a rapidly developing aspect of contemporary life: automated and autonomous spatial mobilities and their social and urban implications. distinguishing between automation, or self-doing, and autonomy, or self-government, at both the conceptual and practical levels, this book also draws a distinction between spatial mobility and automated spatial mobility. Automation processes for transportation and communications media and their controls are discussed in light of these differences. Presenting a wide-ranging discussion on autonomous vehicle (AV) development and its future adoption, as well as of social and spatial dimensions of the AV-age, this highly topical book points to the emergence of autonomously mobile cities and the new mobility landscapes they will present. Academics, as well as practitioners, in the fields of mobility, transportation, urban planning, geography and sociology will find this an essential read.