The geographer is a disoriented observer who knows that his maps evolve quickly and which question the current dynamics and the possible modes of observation and representation. He must take into account the temporal dimension, move to a “chronotopic” approach, imagine new tools and protocols for observation and data collection, integrate sensitive approaches mobilize digital data, develop other representations and analyses of the spaces and times of individuals, groups, organisations and territories. He must acquire new skills, join other disciplines, and mobilize other actors such as artists and users. The map definitely no longer belongs to geographers alone. This is a chance for a changing discipline. It is a challenge in terms of open innovation for those who participate in this permanent factory of representations and imaginations. It is an issue of collective intelligence and imagination for us who wish to grasp the complexity of our environments to live well and live in spaces and times of the earth. 
‘Hand-in-Hand: Activating the Body in Motion to Re-Connect with Ourselves and Others amidst a World in Motion and Commotion’ (pp 59-69): Amidst an unstable and ever-shifting world today, how could the individual activate their body in motion to create artistic interventions to map — connect and correlate — with the world, other people and themselves? Drawing on an example of an activity carried out in Grenoble in Summer 2016 — as Brexit was unfolding —  and running through its sources of inspiration, the essay invites you to not sit back, but get up and create your own artistic interventions.
Other contributors to book: Anna Barbara (Italy) / Maurice Benayoun (Hong Kong) / Mario Boffi (Italy) / Florent Cholat (France) / Matteo Colleoni (Italy) / Alain Guez (France) / Dietrich Henckel (Germany) / Wenbo Hu (France) / Vincent Kaufmann (Switzerland) / Daniel Lima (Brazil) / Licia Lipari (Italy) / Marco Mareggi (Italy) / Josiane Meier (Germany) / Philippe Mouillon (France) / Alexandre Rigal (Switzerland) / Dario Rodighiero (Switzerland) ) / Johanne Sloan (Canada) / Olivier Soubeyran (France) / Will Straw (Canada) / Tan Kai (UK / Singapore) / Wanggen Wan (China).