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Doerte Weig

Doerte Weig is a social anthropologist with an interest in uncovering the different facets of mobility and migration, and how the physicality of movement relates to social-political change and urban transformation. She is a specialist on the nexus of bodies and mobilities, and she believes we cannot think the future of cities and migration successfully, without taking into account the physicality and sensoriality of our moving bodies.

Doerte has posted the following articles:

Learning to Use Better the Senses We Have

Developing new transport technologies and working better with the senses we already have as humans – Combining the two approaches was considered key to improving how we move in urban transport situations, by the participants of the Dance Your Vehicle: Becoming...

Moving in a system – and sensing in a box

What happens when you bring together human bodily intelligence and traffic rules in new ways? This became our leading question for the first ‘Becoming Sensicle’ experiment day at Lancaster University on September 28. During the six-hour workshop, we explored how we...

Dreaming new mobilities and societies

A first ‘Becoming Sensicle’ workshop took place spontaneously as part of TransformART this August. How we move in urban spaces was one of the key topics of TransformART, a week-long event dedicated to exploring the arts as a driving force for social, political and...