Katarina Damjanov

Katarina joined University of Western Australia in mid-2013 as lecturer in digital media and communication design. She completed her PhD at The University of Melbourne where she also taught in the School of Social and Political Sciences and the School of Culture and Communication.

Katarina has posted the following articles:

Cosmic Mobilities

While appreciating a summer-touched Lancaster as a Visiting Fellow at CeMoRe, I had numerous opportunities to consider the expanding repertoires of inquiry into mobilities. This was particularly so during the CeMoRe Away Day, where I had the chance to hear about a...

Multiplanetary Futures

At this two-day workshop, drawing on a wide range of disciplines and approaches, participants will assess the state of the art of critical inquiry into multiplanetary futures, identify the significant social, cultural, political and philosophical questions raised by different multiplanetary imaginaries, and seek to identify productive new collaborative lines of inquiry.