Colin Pooley’s New Book: Everyday Mobilities in Nineteeth- and Twentieth-Century British Diaries


Published by Harriet Phipps

Monday, November 14th, 2022

Mobilities scholars will need no introduction to Colin Pooley’s long-standing research on historical  transport mobilities (including pedestrianism) and we’re delighted to announce the publication of his most recent book (co-authored by Marilyn Pooley) in the Palgrave Mobilities, Literature and Culture book series co-edited by Marian Aguiar, Charlotte Mathieson and Lynne Pearce.

Colin is Emeritus Professor of Social and Historical Geography in the Environment Centre at Lancaster University and has been a member of CeMoRe since its inception. Marilyn Pooley (also a Historical Geography) likewise worked at Lancaster University for many years prior to her retirement. Their back-catalogue of publications on everyday mobility in nineteenth- and twentieth-century drawing upon diaries and other life-writing is extensive and has brought many invaluable and fascinating resources to light.

Please use the discount code in the image above if you choose to purchase the book.

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