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Mobilities is proud to announce the most highly cited articles for current impact factor. These articles are testament to the original, theoretically-informed, international research that Mobilities seeks to address. Their popularity highlights the engagement of readers from a wide variety of interdisciplinary backgrounds in the subject of ‘mobility’ issues and illustrates how valuable this research is.

Top Nine Most Highly Cited Articles: 


1.Rethinking Mobile Methods by Peter Merriman, Mobilities 9 (2) 2014


2. Well-being and Mobility: A Theoretical Framework and Literature Review Focusing on Older People by Susanne Nordbakke and Tim Schwanen, Mobilities 9 (1) 2014


3. Lifestyle Mobilities: The Crossroads of Travel, Leisure and Migration by Scott A. Cohen, Tara Duncan and Maria Thulemark, Mobilities 10 (1) 2015


4. Temporary Transnational Youth Migration and its Mobility Links by Lotta Frandberg, Mobilities 9 (1) 2014


5. The Social Affordances of Flashpacking: Exploring the Mobility Nexus of Travel and Communication by Jennie Germann Molz and Cody Morris Paris, Mobilities 10 (2) 2015


6. Criticising the Solitary Mobile Subject: Researching Relational Mobilities and Reflecting on Mobile Methods by Katharina Manderscheid, Mobilities 9 (2) 2014


7. Putting the Power in ‘Socio-Technical Regimes’ – E-Mobility Transition in China as Political Process by David Tyfield, Mobilities 9 (4) 2014


8. Together and Apart: Affective Ambiences and Negotiation in Families’ Everyday Life and Mobility by Ole B. Jensen, Mimi Sheller and Simon Wind, Mobilities 10 (3) 2015


9. Introduction: The Mobilities of Ships and Shipped Mobilities by Anyaa Anim-Addo, William Hasty and Kimberely Peters, Mobilities 9 (3) 2014


It is wonderful to be able to reflect upon the great value of these articles and to look enthusiastically towards the future where more exiting and invaluable research will no doubt be published in many Mobilities issues to come.    

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“The article has been of interest, as evidenced in citations, to not just mobilities studies, but also to scholars of migration and tourism, publishing in journals across these varied fields. It has not only drawn greater attention to the interconnectedness of these fields, but has also shown how lifestyle considerations have become increasingly central to a range of mobilities in the contemporary world. We have been delighted that colleagues have found a lifestyle mobilities perspective to be a useful and fresh theoretical framing, with applications in a variety of contexts.” 

Lifestyle Mobilities: The Crossroads of Travel, Leisure and Migration by Scott A. Cohen (Surrey), Tara Duncan (Otago) and Maria Thulemark, (Dalarna, Norway) which was published in Volume 10 Issue 1 February 2015


Scott A. Cohen

Head of Department of Tourism and Events School of Hospitality and Tourism Management , University of Surrey

 We are delighted to learn that our article has been so well received, especially because the Mobilities readership is precisely the audience we hoped to reach with this piece. In writing this article, we were inspired by the cross-disciplinary research and methodological innovations featured in the journal, and we wanted to join the exciting conversations taking place in the pages of Mobilities.

The Social Affordances of Flashpacking: Exploring the Mobility Nexus of Travel and Communication by Jennie Germann Molz and Cody Paris, Mobilities 10 (3) July 2015

Jennie Germann Molz

Associate Professor of Sociology, College of the Holy Cross